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 Guano Removal & Decontamination

We offer a no-nonsense approach to removing and cleaning up guano, it's a job that needs to be carried out by a professional guano remediation technician, guano is unsightly, unsanitary and poses a health and safety risk, and it doesn’t stop there as it is often infested with blood-feeding insects and its acidic matter causes damage to the fabric of buildings which, in turn, leads to higher cleaning and repair bills.


Bulk pigeon guano is potentially dangerous to both our technicians and public health in general, all removal work must be undertaken with care.


After safely removing and treating the bulk guano, we will remove it from the site in secure sacks, and we will then decontaminate the area to prevent returning organisms.  

Pigeon Guano Removal

'' We will work with you to provide a tailored approach to your individual pigeon guano  cleaning & clearance needs. ''

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Pigeon Guano Clean Down

'' Workers should always follow certain precautions to minimise risk from disease  ''

Pigeon guano contains bacteria and other pathogens that can cause illness. Prevent infection by avoiding direct contact with bird guano.


Keep children and pets away from contaminated areas until they have had a full clearance and clean down.


After the safe removal of all pigeon guano from the areas, we will then start the cleaning down of all contaminatied surfaces to eradicate bacteria.


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