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During an offenders stay within a secure environment, areas can be contaminated by a number of bodily fluids that should always be considered as a health risk to your staff and clients


Biohazards such as: blood, urine, feces, and vomit can be removed and disinfected safely to provide a safe environment for both law enforcement personnel and criminal inmates.


All our staff at Atkins H.S.R. Ltd are fully trained in biohazard recovery and remediation.

A dirty protest is where a prisoner has chosen to either defecate or urinate in a cell or a room without using the facilities provided.  In virtually all cases the walls, floor or ceiling are affected.  Some prisoners may choose to cover their clothing and their body with faecal waste. Although these actions may be undertaken as a protest, they may also be as a result of mental health problems.

Dirty Protests...







Police & Prison Cell Cleaning

Full Sanitisation of all Affected Areas

'' Correct dispose of contaminated items, removing bodily fluids and ensuring all areas are decontaminated "


We will perform specialist cell cleaning quickly and efficiently, ensures the affected areas are safely decontaminated and disinfected, with all harmful bodily fluids removed and suitably disposed of.

Rapid Response to Hazardous Incidents 

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Garden Clearance

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Sharps Removal

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Crime Scene Cleaning

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